Funkier Bike believes that innovation is the path to perfection. Therefore, we continuously invest in R&D to produce the most
comfortable, highest performing, fashionable gear at a competitive price. To support this story, we have developed a library of
icons that provides a quick graphical reference of features and are displayed on each of our products. At a quick glance you’ll
understand the value you’ve acquired with the purchase of each Funkier Bike product, regardless of your language.

low temp-01   Low Temperatures
Quick Dry-01  Quick Dry
density 70-01  Density 70
snow-01  Snow
vortex-01  Vortext Airflow System
density 80-01  Density 80
rain-01  Rain
UV Protection-01  UV Protection
density 90-01  Density 90
wind-01   Wind
High Visibility-01  High Visibility
density 100-01  Density 100
one size-01   One Size
Reflective-01  Reflective
Gel-01  Gel Pad
climate control-01  Climate Control
Rip Stop-01  Rip-Stop
antibacterial-01  Antibacterial
active strech-01   Active Stretch
vebtilation-01  Ventilation
MTB-01  Mountain Bike
Moisture Wicking-01  Moisture Wicking
lightweight  Light-Weight
Road-01  Road Bike
Mesh-01  Mesh Zones